Adam Power, founder of Spindrift, regularly programs both Lighting systems and Video/Media Servers in collaboration with Lighting Designers and Directors across many production types.


Adam’s experience spans a wide range of genres including Festivals, Live Music, TV and Corporate events.  Adam’s approach as a programmer is to be professional, fast and efficient, whilst bringing creative ideas to the table when appropriate.

The chemistry between designer and programmer is vital for a successful production. Adam’s work with some of the production industry’s leading creative talent has helped to develop the quality of the visual and technical services that Spindrift provides.

M.I.A Australian Festival Tour

Lighting Consoles                                                    Clients

  • Grand MA2                                                      DUSKY
  • Hog 4                                                              WPLPD
  • Grand MA1                                                      James Blake
  • Roadhog Full Boar 3                                         PRG
  • Chamsys                                                         DPL - Glastonbury Festival
                                                                               Creative Technology Shanghai

Media Servers                                                         Adam Bassett
  • D3                                                                  Quentin Jarman                     
  • Hippotizer v4 + v3                                           Fix8
  • Catalyst v4                XL Video
  • MBOX                      Dan Hill
  • Resolume                      The Wombats
  Darren Purves

  Nick Mulvey

  ITV Sport

  United Visual Artists

  D3 Technologies

  Design and Control
  Vasiot Design