Adam Power, founder of Spindrift, regularly programs both Lighting systems and Video/Media Servers in collaboration with Lighting Designers and Directors across many production types.


Adam’s experience spans a wide range of genres including Festivals, Live Music, TV and Corporate events.  Adam’s approach as a programmer is to be professional, fast and efficient, whilst bringing creative ideas to the table when appropriate.

The chemistry between designer and programmer is vital for a successful production. Adam’s work with some of the production industry’s leading creative talent has helped to develop the quality of the visual and technical services that Spindrift provides.

Radio 1 Teen Awards 2017

Lighting Consoles                                                    Clients

  • Grand MA2                                                      DUSKY
  • Hog 4                                                              WPLPD
  • Grand MA1                                                      James Blake
  • Roadhog Full Boar 3                                         PRG
  • Chamsys                                                         DPL - Glastonbury Festival
                                                                               Creative Technology Shanghai

Media Servers                                                         Stuart Pring
  • D3                                                                  Quentin Jarman                     
  • Hippotizer v4 + v3                                           Fix8
  • Catalyst v4                XL Video
  • MBOX                      Dan Hill
  • Resolume                      The Wombats
  Darren Purves

  Nick Mulvey

  ITV Sport


  United Visual Artists

  D3 Technologies

  Design and Control
  Vasiot Design