Spindrift Projects was formed to provide a unique creative and practical approach to lighting design and visual content creation for a wide range of live events. The company has evolved into also being able to supply the technology, hardware and control systems to realise these creative projects as an integrated package, if required.

Founder Adam Power leads the business and is still personally actively involved in providing lighting programming and production services to numerous leading lighting and visual designers. It is this involvement with a diverse range of sectors across the technical production industry that has fuelled the creative ethos and technical approach throughout Spindrift’s projects, as the business has developed.

Spindrift can provide a fully managed service, supplying creation and display of visual content. Working alongside a lighting designer or production professional, we can collaborate fully and supportively on a project’s creative brief. This spans from content creation and visualisation in our studio, through system design and configuration, culminating in operation and implementation on-site.

Spindrift also operates a rental stock of Media Servers, control systems and image processing hardware. This can be supplied alongside our creative services to take full ownership of delivering a seamless, configured, mapped, programmed system. Our aim is to be able to handle this entire production aspect for you, faultlessly, reliably, efficiently and creatively.